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Are you using video for your depositions? You SHOULD be!

Video is an important part of our lives today. People video themselves doing all kinds of things and broadcast it for the world, or at least all of their friends, to see. We utilize video in a little bit more of a controlled manner, but it is just as effective.

Video Camera Deposition

We recently wrote an article for the Attorney at Law Magazine outlining all of the reasons to add video to your deposition. We hope that you will go and read the entire article, as well as, other great articles throughout about the legal industry. You can read the full article here: Why You Should Add Video to Your Deposition.

Here's a few of our favorite reasons:

1) Video can show more about what was said in a deposition than just the recorded word.

2) Video can help the deponent remain calm and bring civility to the litigation process.

3) Exhibits can more easily be shown and recounted in the future.

There are a myriad of reasons to add a videographer when scheduling your depositions with a court reporting firm. They are both professionals and will work together to help you make a stronger presentation of the facts and expert opinions in your case.

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