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Video Conferencing is Not New to US

Video conferencing has become very popular over the past few weeks because of the Coronavirus pandemic. While we are thankful that technology exists to allow us to face this new threat, Todd Reporting has been providing professional video conferencing and video depositions for many years.

Video Conferencing

I think we had all hoped this wouldn't happen, but here we are faced with a crisis.

In these times we are reminded of our commitment to stand together with you. We value each of you and are here for you, to reply to any emails and phone calls promptly.

We are offering remote deposition and video services so that the wheels of justice may continue on. We have been given special permission to swear in witnesses via videoconference and/or teleconference during this time. Everyone will be safe in their own space viewing the deposition remotely from your computer. We will have our technician monitoring the live stream as well as uploading any and all exhibits to be used during the deposition.

Please feel free to let us know how we can help you during these troubling times so that scheduling and moving forward continues as normal as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling depositions for you, anywhere in the Commonwealth and across the U.S.

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